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MuziekZayn's terug op Instagram stromend over Brandy en Monica in zeldzame verschijning...

Zayn’s terug op Instagram stromend over Brandy en Monica in zeldzame verschijning op sociale media

"Zayn Zayn is terug op Instagram en fans zijn er voor. Foto: PA/ Instagram @zayn

Zayn is back on social media posting continuously on R&B legends Brandy and Monica’s Instagram live, proving he’s a huge fan!

Zayn has been posting all over Instagram during a live ‘Verzus’ battle between R&B legends Brandy and Monica in a surprising and rare appearance on social media for the singer as he gears up to welcome his baby girl with Gigi Hadid.

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The usually silent former One Direction member was spotted in the live stream that was crawling with celeb comments.

From Snoop Dogg to Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey and Tyler, The Creator fangirling over the iconic reunion from the ladies 22 years after their hit, ‘The Boy Is Mine.’

Zayn, 27, wrote, “what a set of legends”, dropped by a praise emoji to show his approval, and requested they play their iconic tune.

Naturally, fans were buzzing to see him back online, with word spreading quickly on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “Y’ALL ZAYN IS ACTIVE ON INSTA” and another said, “OMG I MISS HIM SO MUCH.”


Fans of the singer were joking online about Zayn’s devil-may-care attitude on social media as of late, as rather than posting, liking or commenting on Gigi’s iconic pregnancy photos, he’s been posting about Fifa and his favourite singers!

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He was also noticeably absent from One Direction’s 10 year anniversary celebrations, but it’s Zayn, and we’ll always love how unbothered he is!


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