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"リトルミックスは彼らの最初のVMAにノミネートされました" リトルミックスは彼らの最初のVMAにノミネートされました。写真:ゲッティ


火曜日の朝のMTVVideo Music Awardsからのニュースは、ジェジーネルソン、リーアンピノック、ジェイドサールウォール、ペリーエドワーズが、ベストグループの最初のVMAにノミネートされたと発表されたため、リトルミックスファンを熱狂させました。

The girls are in the category alongside the likes of The 1975, Chloe X Halle, BTS and Blackpink.

What Was Little Mix’s Original Name And Why Did They Change It?

Mixers are thrilled with the nomination, and are now hoping the girls will also make a surprise performance when the show airs on 30 August.

“The audience would like a performance to round it off @LittleMix @VMAs,” one person begged.

“Truly so deserving it’s shocking this is their first big American award show! Look at these girls,” added another.

Mixers are adamant Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie will be making a surprise performance after Perrie and Leigh-Anne teased an exciting update they’d received when chatting to Capital’s Jimmy Hill.

They couldn’t share what they knew, but Perrie explained they’d been offered “one of the craziest things” and a “huge opportunity” – giving fans hopes they’ll make an appearance of some sort at the VMAs.


The awards show will of course be different this year amid the pandemic, meaning each performance will be from a different location with either just a few people or no audience at all.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s performance of ‘Rain on Me’ is just one of the moments fans are most looking forward to.

Miley Cyrus will also be performing her new song, ‘Midnight Sky’.

"リトルミックスは、ニッキーミナージュとEMAs2018で実行されました" Little Mix performed at the EMAs 2018 with Nicki Minaj. Picture: Getty

The full list of groups nominated for Best Group at the MTV VMAs 2020 are below:

Monster x

Little Mix

また読む  アリアナグランデの675万ドルのモンテシトの家の中で、彼女はダルトンゴメスと結婚しました


The 1975

Chloe x Halle


Now United

Twenty One Pilots



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