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מוּסִיקָה4 דברים שממצמצים רוצים לראות מהאלבום החדש של Blackpink - כולל עוד שיתופי...

4 דברים שממצמצים רוצים לראות מהאלבום החדש של Blackpink – כולל עוד שיתופי פעולה וסרטוני ריקוד

"למעריצי למעריצי Blackpink יש ציפיות גבוהות מהאלבום החדש שלהם. תמונה: גטי

האלבום החדש של בלקפינק יוצא בעוד שבועות ולבלינקס יש כמובן ציפיות גבוהות…

Blackpink’s album, titled ‘The Album’, is going to be one of the biggest releases of the year, after their first single from the new EP ‘How You Like That’ broke records by becoming the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, a record which has since been topped by BTS.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé also have a huge collaboration with Selena Gomez underway, cementing themselves as one of the biggest girl bands in the world right now.

In the run up to the release of ‘The Album’, which drops on 2 October, here’s what Blinks are hoping to see…

More collaborations


Blackpink feature on Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ dance remix album, so fans are hopeful Dua will appear on their album too – especially as Blackpink’s second single will drop on the same day as Dua’s new album.

The girls spoke in the past about teaming up with Ariana Grande and although everyone thought it would be a collaboration, the ‘Moonlight’ hitmaker helped write Blackpink’s single with Selena!

Food-related song titles

"השיר Blackpink's song with Selena Gomez is called 'Ice Cream'. Picture: Blackpink/Instagram

After confirming their second single from ‘The Album’ would be called ‘Ice Cream’, Blackpink have fans predicting they’ll be keeping to the food theme on the remainder of their new songs.

קרא גם  צפו: הארי סטיילס מצלם תמונה קבוצתית של קבוצת הכדורגל לאחר שהצטרף למשחק שלהם

In case you needed a refresh – their song with Lady Gaga on ‘Chromatica’ was called ‘Sour Candy’.

Even more colourful Blackpink merchandise

Making a clever promotional move before even releasing their song with Selena, the girls released a range of ice cream-themed merchandise which included an array of clothing and accessories in bright colours, of course with a lot of pink involved.

Blinks reckon this is a sign they have a lot more merchandise on the way!

Proving how big they go on promoting a new single, Selena made her own ice cream flavour to mark the song's release.

A music video for every song on 'The Album'

Blackpink is known for their epic dance routines, and as most of their videos have broken some sort of record we wouldn’t be surprised if they had a video planned for every single song on the new album.

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