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موسيقىوصول جيجي حديد إلى نيويورك والمعجبون يعتقدون أنها على وشك الولادة مع...

وصول جيجي حديد إلى نيويورك والمعجبون يعتقدون أنها على وشك الولادة مع زين مالك

"جيجي جيجي حديد تصل إلى نيويورك قبل الولادة. الصورة: Getty Images / Instagram:gigihadid

Gigi Hadid has been arrived in New York and fans think she’s about to give birth to her baby, with Zayn Malik.

Heavily pregnant Gigi Hadid has been spotted in New York with boyfriend Zayn by her side and fans are wondering if she is gearing up for the birth of their baby girl- no doubt in a renowned hospital in the city.

Pregnant Gigi Hadid Posts Rare Selfie As She Prepares To Welcome Baby Girl

Having spent most of the pandemic hiding out on her mother, Yolanda’s, farm in Pennsylvania, it seems the superstar couple are making their way back to New York for the birth, which isn’t surprising seeing as it has various luxury, private hospitals.

Accompanied by their security guard, the couple, who have been together on and off since 2016, looked happy and relaxed together, obviously excited they’re just days from starting their family!

Her very famous family will also no doubt be by her side during the delivery, having been near her side throughout her pregnancy and having their own properties in the Big Apple.

‘Levitating’ star, Dua Lipa, will also undoubtedly be one of the first to meet the little one, as she and Anwar Hadid have been loved up for a year now.

"تنشر Gigi Hadid posts rare selfie looking glowing as she gears up to give birth. Picture: Instagram @gigihadid

Meanwhile, we’re getting so excited for the birth we’ve been asking you guys to guess what they’ll be naming their newborn.

اقرأ ايضا  أحدث ما توصلت إليه هاري ستايلز "الحب في الجولة" وهو يؤكد التواريخ المجدولة

Amongst some of the most popular answers were Zigi (bold, but, that’s celebs for you), Gigi’s late grandmother’s name, Ans, and many are saying ‘Zara’, for the four letters and the fact it begins with a Z.


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